Named Resource and IC Compliance Program

Rose International understands the value of your Named Resources, client identified workers presented to Rose, used to maximize your labor dollars. Our Named Resource and IC Compliance Program is a proven model and methodology that ensures effective engagement for both the resource and the client. We offer a streamlined yet tailored approach without compromising compliance with the following three categories:

  • Rose International W-2 Employees – The resource is engaged as a W-2 Employee and receives an end of year W-2 from Rose.
  • Rose International Subcontractors – The resource is engaged as a qualified Subcontractor under Rose, also known as a Corp To Corp relationship. There is a clear "employer-employee relationship" between the resource and the Subcontractor Company with which we partner.
  • Rose International Qualified Independent Contractors – The resource is qualified and engaged with Rose as an Independent Contractor, also known as a 1099. This is a person or entity not employed by us or your organization that renders a specific service or performs a specific assignment or task.

Program Benefits
The Rose Named Resource and IC Compliance Program is designed with the flexibility and compliance parameters in mind to offer your resources "CHOICE," yet ensure that we eliminate the risk otherwise associated with such engagements. Our innovative program has the following attributes that make all of the difference:

  • Separate, specialized background check vetting team.
  • Single point of contact for each unique resource with one of our customer service trained Resource Managers.
  • Separate audit team ensuring that each on-boarded resource brings zero risk of future co-employment or IRS claims.
  • Specialized on-boarding systems and team available to customer managers.
  • Ability to support multiple payroll cycles per client specification; weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and/or monthly.
Rose International's flexible and innovative model is based on the consultative and partnership belief. Our approach to ensuring each resource is properly categorized is achieved via our internal CERVE process:

Program Quick Facts
  • 12+ Years Experience across various industries.
  • When IC's legally fail to qualify, Rose has 98%+ retention rate by classifying these resources as W-2's.
  • Dedicated internal staff.
  • Skilled in handling large-scale transitions.
  • National approach (cover all time zones).
  • Shortest possible turn-around from candidate identification to on-boarding.
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