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Did you know your phone, regardless of the operating system it is running, becomes outdated even if you update it every hour on the hour? New apps, new updates, not to mention major upgrades to the infrastructure that occur (albeit not fast enough for the consumer demand), create a constantly changing landscape. The same type of advancement is seen in all technology players. Some would argue that technology is advancing much more quickly than our culture's ability to adapt to it! Balancing product and service rollout is imperative to maximize the consumer's experience. In addition, competition is heating up from around the globe.

What We Do

Rose brings innovation and transparency to truly partner with our Technology and Telecommunications customers in a way that simply makes their life a little easier. We've been doing it for over 15 years! We partner by carving out small niches – whether it's testing a new web app or game, or providing the technical writing and translation services for a new operating system. We bring our development centers in India (1), and Missouri (2), to bear and provide the best team composition to meet the need. We also support the dynamic and ever changing general skill and resource needs via our Workforce Solutions Staffing business line. We are honored to be a valued supplier of some of the world's leading Telecommunications and Technologies companies today. We are committed to staying abreast of the industry's challenges, and innovating so we can help our customers to overcome these hurdles.