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Given that the time it takes to review a book, find the best price in town and have it in your hands has shrunk from days to hours, it's fairly obvious that to succeed in the Retail and Consumer goods industry, organizations must find ways to be better, faster and more efficient than the competition in order to thrive in today's high demand, quickly changing world. On top of that, technology is only causing customers to demand better products quicker. There is no leveling off so to speak. As a result, innovation must be constant. This dynamic environment, where the tools and skills needed continue to change at a rapid pace, begs companies to focus on their domain.

What We Do

Our customers are increasingly keeping the business domain knowledge in house, and are going outside to ramp up projects or functional areas for different innovative programs. The benefit to utilizing Rose is that we can deliver the exact resource(s) needed at the exact time, at the best value available anywhere. There is no need for customers to constantly retrain and then retain an entire workforce. Rose has been providing IT and Business Staffing solutions to Retail and Consumer based companies for over 15 years. We innovate constantly with the goal of remain THE value provider to this dynamic industry for years to come.