Database Performance Optimization Practice

You know Rose International as an industry leading business services company, but did you know about our guaranteed Database Performance Optimization Practice (DPOP)? Perhaps the single most critical success factor for any application is optimal performance. No amount of time and money invested in an application really means anything, if it doesn't perform well. Optimal SQL performance can easily eliminate costly hardware upgrades, reduce wasted man-hours for processes to finish and generate more revenue for your company.

Our Performance Tuning Practice Provides:
Increases in Revenue and Profit
Customers are better satisfied, and more efficient applications reduce costs.
Extended Hardware Longevity
Applications run more efficiently, extending the life of your company's hardware.
Reduced Costs
Hardware purchases, hardware lease fees and CPU-based license fees are reduced for 3rd party software and databases.
Mentoring to Existing Staff
Our fresh perspective provides further analysis of the database, and we take the time to explain the before/after performance metrics and the supporting rationale to your employees.
Reduced Overhead Costs
Processes are more efficient, freeing up resources for other projects.
Immediate Results
Performance analysis provides an instantaneous and dramatic impact of SQL tuning. Examples of results include:
  • A core SQL for a 50,000 user on-line application originally taking 2.5 minutes, reduced to 0.1 second
  • A daily ERP financial report originally taking 3.5 hours, reduced to 8 seconds
  • A data warehouse report originally taking 20 hours, reduced to 43 seconds.
Improvement Results
  • Typical reductions in elapsed time and resource utilization above 90 percent, but with a guaranteed reduction at 50 percent.
  • Millions of dollars in cost reductions for hardware (CPU, Memory, DASD) and software license fees.
  • Establishing a true application performance discipline for clients including:

    • Defining roles/responsibilities.
    • Ensuring the right tools and processes are in place.
Real Results
The graphs below highlight an actual, recent customer experience for several of their mission critical transactions. Our goal is a 90 percent improvement in the elapsed time or CPU usage of the database. If the improvement isn't at least 50 percent, you pay nothing for our services.
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